Elite Integrated Boys Team Camp FAQ | T3 Soccer
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Elite Integrated Boys Team Camp @ F&M FAQ

Elite Integrated Boys Team Camp @ F&M FAQ

What are dates and times and pick up and drop off procedures for Residential campers?

Campers can check-in from 2:00-3:00 on Sunday July 15th.  Campers will register at Steinman College Center @ 600 College Ave Lancaster, PA 17603. Parents should pick up on Wednesday July 18th at 1:00 from Shadek Stadium- 100 Thomas Armstrong Blvd, Lancaster pa 17603.

What are the dates, times and drop-off procedures for Non-Residential campers?

Non-Campers can check-in from 2:00-3:00 on Sunday July 15th.  Campers will register at Steinman College Center @ 600 College Ave Lancaster, PA 17603.

Day to Day pick up will be at Shadek Stadium- 100 Thomas Armstrong Blvd, Lancaster pa 17603

  • Sunday: 2:00-3:00 @ Steinman College Center to check in,  8:30 PM at Shadek Stadium to Depart
  • Monday. Tuesday: 9:00 AM Shadek Stadium drop-off, 4:30 PM Shadek Stadium to pick-up
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM Shadek Stadium to drop off, 1:00 PM Shadek Stadium to Pick-up

Meals for Commuters

Commuters will receive meals provided by the camp with-in the hours they are attending.

Is there specific Goalkeeper Training?

Yes. The keepers will train individually and with groups.

How do I pay?

Payment is handled online at www.t3soccer.com (click on “Register for T3 Camp!”).  We prefer that all payments be done online, before the start of camp. In addition, a check can be written to T3Soccer and mailed to 3744 Nolt Rd. Landisville, PA, 17538.

Can I room with a friend?

Yes.  You can request your roommate when you register through our online system (Please make sure the person you wish to room with knows you asked to room with them).  All requests must be received no later than 2 weeks before the start of camp.

  Directions to Campus, Drop Off Procedures

Find directions to campus by (clicking here):   An Excellent map can be found by (clicking here) which shows all of F&M’s buildings.

Parents can park on College Avenue. Campers leaving cars will get a parking pass at registration and can leave cars at Tylus Field. College Avenue parking may be tight but parking can be found on College or in the surrounding streets. After registering for camp, parents can drive through Williamson Lot (near the Football Field) and into the middle of campus. By doing this, parents can drop campers at the front door of the dorm to unload.

Where will I stay during camp?

All residents attending the camp will stay on the Franklin & Marshall campus in  air-conditioned college residence halls.

What if I have a food allergy?

F&M award winning dining service is excellent with providing food options for athletes with food allergies. (click here for more)  Please indicate any food allergies on the “Special Needs” section of the Online Registration Form.  We will then work with you and our Dining Services Department to make sure you are properly taken care.  Additional questions can be directed to Dan@T3Soccer.com

What should I bring to camp?

For Soccer:

Gear including shin guards, indoor/outdoor soccer boots, practice gear for rain  & shine, sun block, water bottle.

*We will have additional water at each field as well as a Athletic Trainer.

For Dormitory

Bed linens for twin size bed, blankets & pillows, bath towel, hygiene products (ie. Soap, toothbrush, etc), casual clothes, any medications for Bee-stings/allergic reactions.

For Spending Money

Campers may want extra spending money for snacks at  the camp store.

Lost Keys

Campers are responsible for their rooms keys. If that key is lost and not turned in at the end of camp, the camper will be billed $125 by T3soccer.

Do you have a visitors website that lists hotels and attractions?

Yes.  Please click here  to find information regarding local hotels, attractions as well as a map of our campus.