T3 F&M Youth Academy @ Lancaster Country Club


T3Soccer F&M Youth Academy @ Lancaster Country Club is 100% focused on the children and grandchildren of LCC members. Similar to the tennis program at LCC, we endeavor to offer top tear soccer instruction to members without them having to leave the club. While we have lived through some really tough times, many of us have reconnected with our families and have enjoyed this slower pace of life. As the world starts to reopen, we aspire to help members hold on to keeping their family close while still pursuing the sport they love.

It is our goal to create a soccer session that is positive and fun for everyone while at the same time training each age group at the appropriate level. The goals of the F&M Youth Academy are to:

  • Have fun playing the game of soccer!
  • Master technical skills that give players confidence and creativity with the ball.
  • Develop small group tactical awareness through properly structured small-sided play.
  • Encourage sportsmanship, teamwork and character development.

The program will be overseen by Franklin & Marshall Men’s Soccer Coach Dan Wagner and administered by players from the F&M Men’s Soccer team.


We plan to use the CDC’s Consideration for Youth Sports to keep kids safe.


Please  join us for what will be an outstanding time of soccer fun, learning and growth — and an excellent opportunity to become a more complete player.

T3 Soccer Youth Academy @ Lancaster Country Club

  • Age : Date & Time: June 22-July 15 2020–
    • 4-5 Year old Program: Monday @ Wednesday: 9:00-10:00, $120 for the 8 sessions.
    • 5-6 Year Old Program: Monday @ Wednesday: 10:30-11:30,$120 for the 8 sessions.
    • 7-9 Year Old Program: Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00-10:30-$160 for the 8 sessions.
    • 10-12 Year Old Program: Tuesday & Thursday: 11:00-12:30,$160 for the 8 sessions.
  • Pick up and Drop off ? Pick up and drop off will be at the pool. Soccer practice will happen on the open, unused fairways to the right of the driving range. Parents are welcome to watch but are not expected to. Parents may want to consider attending the first day or so until they and their kids are comfortable.