Why T3


It’s simple. No one runs a better, more customized team camp in the country – period! We are the industry standard for customization at both the technical and tactical level.

T3 Camp Curriculums are custom-built one team at a time to fit the specific needs of each team we train. T3Soccer Camps are full 11-a-side, highly-detailed, system-related team camps designed around the individual tactical and technical needs of your team. Each camp is individually designed only after careful and thorough consultation with the Head Coach.


  • Previous 11 a-side Tactical System(s) you have used and are most comfortable with.
  • Attributes of individual team members, with additional emphasis on key members of your team.
  • Technical strengths and deficiencies of your players as it relates to your team’s system.
  • The “Three Speeds” of your team – physical, technical and tactical.
  • The size of your home field, as well as quality and size of away pitches.
  • Your Team’s League Standing. (league standing often helps determine an advantageous system)

Adding to the highly individualized nature of camp, your team will have individual “line coaches” for defenders, midfielders, forwards and goalkeepers. Each of these highly qualified coaches will train your team using the curriculum designed exclusively for your team.

T3soccer’s passionate focus on highly-detailed, customized team training, sets us apart from all other soccer camps and is why teams keep coming back year after year. Choose T3Soccer and take your team to the next level!

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Dan Wagner

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